Burns Construction is capable of installing every type of underground pipeline

Underground Pipes and Utilities

Burns Construction has established itself as a leader in the underground utility industry, specializing in the installation, replacement, and repair of various underground pipelines. We cover a wide range of pipelines, including deep sewer and storm lines, as well as steel and plastic gas mains. Additionally, our Burns Utility division handles major utility projects encompassing Water, Sewer, Storm, Telephone, Electric, and Gas services.

Recognizing the increasing complexity and importance of underground utilities and general excavations, we have continuously evolved to deliver the highest levels of precision and cost-effectiveness. We have strengthened our capabilities with a fleet of Hydro-Vacuum excavator trucks. These trucks enable us to safely excavate around challenging obstacles that are either unknown or difficult to access. By doing so, we can effectively expose and access vital underground utilities, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

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