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Your driveway is something you use everyday, and you deserve the very best when it comes to driveway paving and installation. When you choose to work with Burns Construction company, you can be sure that you are getting service from a top paving company in the Fairfield, Darien, Stamford, and Norwalk, CT area. We have been providing driveway paving to the area since 1957 and have gained valuable experience and expertise over this time.

In time, all pavement will fail. A cost-effective and long-term solution in many cases is to resurface the pavement.  Homeowners – if you notice standing water on your pavement or large areas of cracks forming blocks in your pavement, asphalt resurfacing may be the right choice for you.  Let our professional estimating staff review your site and recommend the proper solution!  Our customers are never surprised at what they get and how much it will cost. Our estimators come directly to the job site to give a free estimate based on the customer’s desires — and the jobs are built to their specifications and costs.  In addition to new pavement projects, reconditioning old pavements or overlays can be accomplished to the satisfaction of our customers.

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