Burns Sand & Gravel Division

BC Sand and Gravel was founded in 1991 by the second generation of the Burns Construction Co. family members. At that time there wasn’t an approved site for any contractors to dispose of ripped up asphalt or concrete removed during driveway or street excavations.


After a long permitting process and through a series of studies and consultations, BC Sand and Gravel opened up to the public in August of 1991.

The general concept was to provide a “One-Stop” location for all sized dump trucks to drop off broken up asphalt and concrete and return to the job-site with a usable base material in a timely manner. Through the use of several different crushers, large chunks of dropped off materials are broken down in size and then screened to meet all local and State specifications for use on roads, parking lots, driveways and highways. Other materials accepted at the site include blasted rock; boulders; gravel; and general “clean” fill.

The following products are weighed on a truck scale and sold by the ton:

  • Reclaimed Processed Aggregate (1 ¼” and 3”)
  • State Approved Processed Stone (1 ¼” and 5” minus)
  • Screened Sand
  • Crushed Stone (1 ¼” and ¾”)
  • Screened Fill
  • Screened Top-Soil
  • Millings
  • Hot Asphalt

BC operates with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and is constantly working with its customer base in order to meet the individual needs that each contractor may have. Open year round, six days a week, serving local contractors and homeowners as well as State and Municipal contractors as well.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday  6:30am to 4:00pm
  • Saturday  7:00am to Noon
  • After hours available by appointment